Learning about the Balisong Knife

commcup balisong knife

The Balisong knife, known to many as the Butterfly Knife, is popular but perhaps not so much because it is a knife but more because it is a source of showing dramatic tricks. The blade of the Balisong knife folds into the handle which is divided into two halves which are often secured together by a safety clip. The tricks with these knives which are very well made and move effortlessly, are the folding in and out of the blade into the handle which can be done in many different ways but require a great deal of training in order to be perfected. The Blade Guru websitedescribes the different types of Balisong knives you can buy but basically they are divided into two main groups, Balisong training knives and real Balisong knives. When the Balisong Knife started to become popular in the United States and other places in the west after WW11 when soldiers serving in the Philippines brought them home with, they became illegal; the real ones at least. The reason for them becoming illegal, which they still are in many States and countries, was because of the number of people that were seriously cutting themselves whilst training to do some of the tricks and not because of their association with violent crimes. A display of the tricks which can be made with Balisong knives is very impressive and so still, people like to learn them. It is for this reason that training Balisong knives came into being. Although a training knife is similar to the real Balisong knives in many ways, their blades are not sharp and so they are unable to cause any serious wounds either accidentally or on purpose. The training knives are though substantially cheaper than real Balisong knives which can be expensive. Even though Balisong knives are illegal in many countries, there are still several manufacturers of them and so care should be taken when buying one. Although a Balisong knife may have a high price tag, that does not necessarily mean it is any better than one of the cheaper ones although many of the better knives do cost around $200 compared to training knives which can cost as little as $10. Places like Amazon do not sell genuine, real Balisong knives due to them being illegal in so many places and so if you think you have found a bargain, think again, as it will almost certainly be a training knife only which is available from this source. Although many think that the Balisong knife originated in the Philippines where they became known to US servicemen serving there, it is more likely that, under a different name, they existed in Europe first as a knife dated between 1500 and 1700, which is similar, is displayed in the Musee de la Coutellarie under the name “Pied Du-Roy”.This has led some to believe that the Filipino hero Jose Rizal may have brought one back from Spain during his visit there.